Health Issues in Taiwanese Women

Statistics reveal that 87% of individuals who committed suicide had a depressive illness . Moreover, depression has resulted in social and economic losses of more than 35 billion NT dollars annually . People-to-people ties between the United States and Taiwan are strong and continue to grow. Through 2019, travel for business and pleasure from Taiwan to the United States had increased 70 percent since Taiwan became a member of the U.S. Taiwan is the United States’ seventh largest source of international students, sending more than 20,000 students to receive a high-quality education each year for the three decades leading up to the pandemic. The United States also sponsors study abroad opportunities in Taiwan for U.S. students from the high school to post-graduate levels, with a particular focus on Mandarin language learning. Since 1957, the Fulbright Program has supported 1,700 individuals to study and teach in Taiwan and 1,600 to come to the United States.

  • In Taiwan, some traffickers would provide fraudulent employment offers to recruit women abroad.
  • Promoting mental health and reducing psychologic disorders is a critical focus worldwide.
  • In the end, the prosecutor decided not to file charges and the case fell into legal limbo.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity are known health-risk factors that result in poor health status and outcomes.
  • However, the issue of sexual exploitation is complicated since sex trafficking in its modern form is not like what Burke described as “a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion” .

Secondly, a coding book was developed, comprising 20 variables in four groups. “Yu’s rigorous, engaging, and thought-provoking analysis will make an important contribution to the study of gender, work, and the life course will be welcome addition to the required reading lists for graduate courses in these areas.” Insulin use and smoking jointly increase the risk of bladder cancer mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes. Th Act of Gender Equality in Employment ensures women’s rights in the workforce. It was enacted in 2002 under the name of “Gender Equality in Employment Law of Taiwan”, and later was amended and renamed the “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”. After reportedly encountering a little girl at her son’s preschool who bore a resemblance to her husband, a Taiwanese woman discovered her to be the daughter of her husband and his former mistress.

The OECD definition of the gender pay gap is the difference between male and female median wages divided by the male median wages, among full-time employees. Interestingly, the increase in Taiwanese women’s share in managerial positions has accelerated during the past five years. From 2009 to 2014, this share rose by 6 percent, whereas it took 14 years for it to increase the same amount before 2009. But, because this percentage included female legislators and administrators in the public sector, in which women’s share in managerial positions was more than one third, the female representation among private-sector managers is actually lower than 25 percent.

Within the seven cases identified, four cases involve call stations which broker sex services by transporting the women to hotels or motels. One case (#32) involved forcing at this source women to sign contract involving disproportionately high penalties which will draw them into vulnerable situation. Only one case (#23) involved trafficking Taiwanese women to Australia for sexual exploitation. The results show that adult sexual exploitation forms the largest share (40.5%) of this sample, followed by adult labor exploitation (27%) and child and youth exploitation (27%). Only one case involves both sexual and labor exploitation where an adult woman was trafficked. More than half of the cases (56.8%) involve adult foreign victims; and 43.2% involve domestic victims . In recent years, partly as a reaction to a rapid decline in fertility, the Taiwan government has made further attempts to facilitate work-family compatibility, such as providing partial pay for up to six months when women take childcare leave .

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We continue to have an abiding interest in peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. Through the American Institute in Taiwan , a non-governmental organization mandated by the Taiwan Relations Act to carry out the United States’ unofficial relations with Taiwan, our cooperation with Taiwan continues to expand. Taiwan has become an important U.S. partner in trade and investment, health, semiconductor and other critical supply chains, investment screening, science and technology, education, and advancing democratic values. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators.

The status of non-citizenship will keep them from serious criminal justice system attention because of lack of political power such as the rights to vote, causing the trafficking to remain underground . In order to raise the awareness of HT, we need to address the economic and social factors that give rise to HT globally and locally. This study was conducted through a small number of cases obtained from the Judicial Yuan Law and Regulations Retrieving System.

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The prevalence of increased weight disorders varies between nations, ethnicities, and age groups. The International Obesity Task Force reported that approximately 2.1billion adults are overweight or obese worldwide. In 2008, the World Health Organization estimated that, globally, nearly 300 million women were obese. In Taiwan, the rates of overweight and obese women are 55.3% and 40.3%, respectively . Ethnicity and age also play a role in the prevalence of overweight and obese women. For example, in the United States, the rates of overweight and obesity among Hispanic (76.1%) and non-Hispanic Black women (78.2%) were much higher compared with non-Hispanic White women (61.2%) .

Implementing the Condensed Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale on an Inpatient Oncology Unit

The means of labor exploitation involves taking advantage of “another person’s inability, ignorance, or helplessness”. In cases of victims under 18 years old, a violation of the HT act holds regardless of whether the work is against the victim’s will or not. Although it is not directly related to gender inequality in the workplace, the overall increases in women’s economic status and visibility are likely to have contributed to women’s political power. The percentage of women in global parliaments has risen from 11.1 percent in 1995 to 35.5 percent in 2015, with steady increases each year. The figure of 35.5 percent is remarkable, as only a small proportion of countries in the world have more than 30 percent of women in parliament .

Parents’ gender biases are likely to continue to affect their support for sons and daughters to enter customarily male or female fields of study, which in turn perpetuates gender inequality at work. The fact that employer-employee relations tended to be personal and informal in many small Taiwanese firms also helped facilitate such negotiations. In addition, the large proportion of small enterprises, along with the concentration on labor-intensive industries, compressed Taiwan’s wage structure, and created less advancement opportunities and long-term job security for workers. Under this system, Taiwanese employers have been unable to demand much overtime work or other personal sacrifices from their employees, which has driven mothers of young children to remain in the workplace as well. To retain women upon childbearing, however, Taiwanese employers had to accommodate their needs. Thus, even before the government implemented laws and policies to facilitate work-family compatibility for married women and mothers, informal negotiations to accommodate their family obligations became more common. To decrease the burden and negative outcomes of depression in Taiwan, early and effective treatment is available.

The results indicated that the motivations, constraints, and lifestyle adjustments with regard to leisure sports positively affected women’s participation in sports clubs. Specifically, although participation constrains acted as crucial antecedent variables influencing motivations to participate, they did not have any influence on lifestyle adjustments. Based on the results of this study, suggestions are made about management and policies of sport and health clubs. In the 1950s, the overall life expectancy in the world for females was 48 years, whereas for males it was approximately 45 years . In 2013, the overall life expectancy increased to 73 years for women and to approximately 68 years for men .

The United States will continue to support Taiwan’s membership in international organizations where statehood is not a requirement and encourage Taiwan’s meaningful participation in organizations where its membership is not possible. Taiwan and the United States are members of several international organizations and bodies, including the World Trade Organization, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and the Asian Development Bank. In June 2015, AIT and TECRO established the Global Cooperation and Training Framework, a platform for showcasing Taiwan’s technical expertise to the world. Under the framework, Taiwan and its partners offer technical trainings in fields as diverse as public health, supply chain resiliency, energy, women’s rights, and disaster relief. Japan joined the GCTF as a global partner in 2019 and Australia joined in 2021.

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