Matrimony Traditions in Kyrgyzstan

During the wedding party, there are many traditions in Kyrgyzstan. These traditions are based on the hierarchy of your family. The eldest boy’s wife recieve more power than the youngest son’s spouse.

Ahead of the wedding ceremony, the group of the soon-to-be husband and the family of the bride will meet. This kind of meeting is often held in a fairly neutral place. Both the families will agree with the amount of dowry that will be paid. This dowry could be money, family pets, horses, or perhaps new outfits.

The groom can even present his future woman with a item. This is known as an otko kirgizuu. The gift is commonly a set of jewels. The groom will present the earrings since an official engagement.

The groom’s family will also pay for a dowry to the bride’s family. How much dowry differs from region to area. It can be just as much as $4000. The amount of dowry is additionally dependent on the wealth of the parents.

The marriage is usually held at the groom’s family’s house. This kind of ceremony is an expression of mutual value between the two families. The marriage party is definitely consisting of people in the groom’s friends and family, friends, relatives, and neighbors. This ceremony usually contains a lot of meals and bouncing breaks.

Another tradition is that a woman’s mother and father must consent to her marriage prior to ceremony. This can lead to tragic effects if the mother and father online dating safety tips refuse to approve the relationship. The parents should satisfy in a natural place.

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